Application Process

As part of the application process, parents/guardians of all applicants must attend an admissions interview, and all applicants for P2 only must participate in an observation conducted at the school.

Interview for parents/guardians
The admissions interview is for parents and is used to ensure that the school’s mission, vision, guiding beliefs and programs match parents’ educational beliefs and aspirations. The interview is usually conducted as a group discussion with other families and takes around 30 minutes to one hour depending on the number of participants. Interviews are conducted in English or Japanese. Parents unable to communicate in either English or Japanese are required to provide an interpreter for the interview. In such cases, the school must be notified in advance if anyone other than an applicant’s parents/guardians will participate in the interview. Parents of applicants who are siblings of students already enrolled at KIST/KIPS, as well as applicants who were previously enrolled at KIST/KIPS, are not usually required to attend an interview unless specifically requested by the school administration.

Parent/child observation
The observation for 2 year olds (P2) assesses the physical, emotional and social development of the child. The observation takes approximately one hour. One parent is required to join their child during this time to participate in the various activities together. Observations of the child as well as the interactions between the child and parent will be made. Observations are not required for 0 and 1 year old applicants (P0, P1).