Application Procedure

Please refer to the KIPS Admission Handbook for more detailed information on the admissions process.

Application process
Applications proceed through various stages as shown below as part of the admissions process. The main intake period is August at the beginning of the school year; however, applications are accepted year round based on availability.

Stage 1
Read Admissions Handbook

This document outlines admissions policies and procedures. All applicants must read it thoroughly before applying.


Stage 2
Confirm availability


Before submitting an application, please contact the KIST Admissions Office to confirm availability (only necessary when applying at times other than the main intake period – no confirmation required for the admissions testing period in January).


Stage 3
Submit application form


Fill out and submit the Application for Admission through the online system linked on the school website.


Stage 4

Parent interview (all applicants P0-P2)

Parent/child observation  (P2 only)


Applicants will be informed of the date of their interview/observation.

  • For P0-P1: Only a parent interview will be conducted.
  • For P2: Following the parent interview, only those who pass the interview will be invited to return for the parent/child observation at a later date. Observations are conducted in groups with parents and children together.
Stage 5
Notification of final result

We aim to send out final results by e-mail approximately one week after the interview and observation.

Stage 6
Payment of Day Care fees

Successful applicants are required to pay the non-refundable Day Care fees to secure their place in the class.


Online Application for Admission

To apply for admission to KIPS, please click one of the links below to proceed to our online application system. Please be sure to click the correct link for the school year you wish to apply for.

If you are accessing the system for the first time, please create a new account by clicking the "Create Account" button. After filling in the required details, you will then be able to log in and begin completing the application form.

Please note that the person creating the account must be the applicant's parent or guardian. Only one account should be created per family. Please be sure to remember your log in details as you will need these to log in again in the future.

For admission during the 2023-2024 school year, click the link below:

Application for Admission 2023-2024

For admission during the 2024-2025 school year, click the link below:

Application for Admission 2024-2025