About KIPS


K. International Preschool (KIPS) aims to provide young children with opportunities to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in preparation for future success in a challenging curriculum such as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and nurture them to become caring, well-mannered individuals.
In order to prepare students to become future leaders of our global society, we focus on nurturing children not only in academics, but also to become caring, well-mannered individuals. As an example, we provide instruction for students to use respectful language and greetings, and to naturally acquire appropriate public behavior and table manners appropriate to their age level.
At the P0 and P1 classes at KIPS, we nurture children’s ability to “grow” in a safe, comfortable and spacious bilingual environment. Children are involved in various activities appropriate to their stage of development.
In the P2 class, instructions and activities are, in principle, conducted in English to ensure a smooth transition to the K1 class at K. International School Tokyo. Children participate in various activities including music, art and Japanese.

Students at KIPS are grouped according to age level in the following grades:

  • P0: 0 year olds
  • P1: 1 year olds
  • P2: 2 year olds